• Chancellor backs UK’s innovation agency with additional £185m for growth

    Technology Strategy Board 27 June 2013

    The Chancellor, George Osborne, put the UK’s innovation agency at the heart of the Government’s growth agenda today when he announced a £185m budget increase for the Technology Strategy Board. The move will enable the innovation agency to have a more powerful impact on the role it can play in generating UK economic growth by…

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  • Four entrepreneurs receive Silver Medals for outstanding commercial success

    Royal Academy of Engineering 26 June 2013

    Four entrepreneurs, responsible for an all-terrain wheelchair business, Emmy award-winning computer vision technology, pioneering transport planning projects and the Raspberry Pi computer, have been awarded Silver Medals. The Royal Academy of Engineering celebrates the strength and diversity of UK engineering with the presentation of its coveted Silver Medal to four outstanding British engineers. Winners must…

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  • Inaugural winners of the Queen Elizabeth Prize receive award from Her Majesty the Queen

    Royal Academy of Engineering 26 June 2013

    The five engineers who have been leading lights in the creation of the Internet and the World Wide Web  received their award this week from Her Majesty the Queen in front of an audience that included the three leaders of the UK’s main political parties, and members of the Royal Family. Her Majesty and the…

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    Britain - Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
  • Rolls-Royce and EADS collaborate on advanced hybrid distributed propulsion concept for future airliners

    Rolls-Royce & EADS 18 June 2013

    Rolls-Royce and EADS are showing a new power concept for advanced future airliners at the Paris Air Show this week, which could help reduce CO2 emissions, make less noise and dramatically reduce fuel burn by the middle of the century. Such an airliner would be powered by a serial hybrid propulsion system, which is similar in…

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  • G8 Innovation Conference

    BIS, McLaren & Royal Academy of Engineering 14 June 2013

    The G8 Innovation Conference taking place today (June 14th 2013) is focused on how innovation can be encouraged and where the next big opportunities are for business innovation. The Innovation Conference brings together leading innovators and thought leaders across disciplines, from the G8 and beyond. From public policy to science and technology, this conference will…

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