• Chickens to benefit from biofuel bonanza

    EPSRC 31 October 2013

    Chickens could be the unexpected beneficiaries of the growing biofuels industry, feeding on proteins retrieved from the fermenters used to brew bioethanol, thanks to research supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. It has long been known that the yeasty broth left over after bioethanol production is nutritious, but it has taken a…

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    Chick with yeast feed 161013
  • EPSRC runs its largest ever peer review exercise

    EPSRC 31 October 2013

    Last week over 500 of the UK’s top scientists and engineers presented proposals to host Centres for Doctoral Training at their universities. They were interviewed over a two day period at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, (EPSRC), headquarters in Swindon. £350 million is being committed by EPSRC to support between 70-80 Centres for…

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  • Help for businesses in offshore renewable energy technologies

    Technology Strategy Board 30 October 2013

    Businesses developing innovative solutions for wave, tidal and offshore wind technologies are to get extra help from the UK’s innovation agency. Speaking at the European Ocean Energy Conference in Edinburgh, Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker revealed that up to £7m of support will be available through the Technology Strategy Board’s Infrastructure for Offshore…

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  • UK science and design communities provide Government with ‘collaboration checklist’

    Technology Strategy Board and EPSRC 29 October 2013

    Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, has welcomed the recommendations made by leading lights from the science and design communities, on further steps the government should take to encourage collaboration between the two disciplines to drive economic growth. The event was streamed live from a groundbreaking live debate, with the minister opening the event…

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  • Employers in the driving seat for reformed apprenticeships

    BIS 28 October 2013

    Under new reforms, employers will be put in the driving seat to create new apprenticeship standards that will deliver the skills businesses and learners need to compete in the global race. Groups of companies, including BMW Group UK, have come together to give industry the power to lead the design of these new apprenticeships. More…

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  • Oxford Instruments collaborates with CERN on magnet development

    Oxford Instruments 25 October 2013

    Oxford Instruments has signed a contract with CERN as part of the next generation upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to high luminosity. The proposed HiLumi upgrade will enable a significant increase in the proton collision rate and extend the physics reach of the LHC. This requires the deployment of high field 11-13 Tesla…

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  • Nujira presents rising star of electronics industry with award

    Nujira 25 October 2013

      Nujira, the world leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, presented an award at the prestigious Imperial College Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) student prize giving ceremony yesterday. Nujira believes that there is huge potential in applying smart design techniques to analogue electronics to create new innovations – something its own team of talented engineers…

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  • Engineering in Society

    Royal Academy of Engineering 25 October 2013

    In partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering and supported by the five largest professional engineering institutions, the Inter-Disciplinary Applied Ethics Centre at the University of Leeds has published an e-book about engineering and the role of engineers in meeting some of society’s biggest challenges. Students often have misconceptions about a career in engineering. They…

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  • US and UK water engineers collaborate on global water issues

    EPSRC 25 October 2013

    A new trans-Atlantic collaboration, ‘Clean Water for All’, will bring leading water engineers from the United States and the UK together to tackle problems of providing clean, sustainable water supplies. Five different research teams at UK universities will partner with academics from universities across the US. The UK projects are looking at water treatment and…

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  • Airbus receives prestigious European Award

    Airbus 24 October 2013

    Airbus has won an award in recognition for its contribution to European economy and integration. The prestigious “Golden Victoria for the European Idea of the Year”, awarded by the German Association of Magazine Publishers (VDZ), was handed over by European Union Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger to Airbus Chief Operating Officer Günter Butschek at the “Publishers’…

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